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To deter cheating, a gateway page has been put up. Click the link below to Finalize your vote.

Enter without voting - Come one... Come all... Step inside the UO world of Vice & Virtue. This is a custom shard with an old school playing style that has the added features of all the expansions running thru High Seas. There is much to do, in ways of champs and quests and for those that enjoy PVM the dungeons are open and the hoards await. For those that prefer a little PVP action, killers and thieves await those brave enough to enter the gates leading to Felucca. For those that dream of a life outside of the warrior class, there is still much to achieve for the creative mind. From the blacksmith's forge to the baker's ovens. From the tinker's workshop to the tailor's loom. Those trained in a trade skill shall never go hungry and the miners and lumberjacks will remain busy as bees gathering the custom resources. There is also much to see as many of the Cities have been reconstructed to coincide with the storyline. All in all this shard was designed by UO veterans that simply love the game. Okay maybe some of us are a little obsessed, considering we've been playing this game since the days of old or what some call the 90's. So we created something that we wanted to play. A world where everyone can advance and prosper thru hard work. While we do reward donations, this is by no means a pay to play shard. We want people to have fun and every member of the community can achieve both fame and fortune if they're willing to grind for it

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UO Vice & Virtue