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#1 - UO Evolution

Votes: 277 VOTE
  • [ML/SE/SA/UW] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 3 years! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature/Experienced...

#2 - Excelsior - Ultima Online free shard

Votes: 38 VOTE
  • Home of UO Excelsior Freeshard. PvM, no PK, dueling possible. Tons of customs, weekly updates, events...

#3 - Welcome!

Votes: 14 VOTE
  • UO Darwinism [TOL][] US Central Based Shard with piping fast internet! No skill caps, 450 Stat Cap, Fast gains, Custom Cities, Custom Dungeons, Custom Items, Custom Quests, Custom crafting, Druid/Cleric Spells, Animal Breeding, Bioengineering,...

#4 - RebirthUO

Votes: 4 VOTE
  • Rebirth UO is a free Ultima Online server. Ultima Online is a MMORPG.

#5 - Dreamer RO

Votes: 4 VOTE
  • Rates: 8k/8k/3k MaxLvl: 500/120 Custom BALANCED 3rd Jobs Action-packed 24/7 Battlegrounds Extensive Famous Elite HERO Quest Challenging MvPs Custom Dungeons Mini Games Hunting System Daily Quest System +8 Skin Colors MASSIVE Weekly WoE with 1,200+ ONLINE

#6 - Forgotten World

Votes: 4 VOTE
  • Welcome to the game server Ultima Online Forgotten World

#7 - The Darkside Shard (TDS)

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • The Darkside Shard has been active for 14+ Years.We offer a Custom map and file package.Modern-Style MMORPG.3 Game play styles.New Abyss area within Our World.Runewords socket system.Tons of Unique items and craftables.Check for more details!!

#8 - Ultima Online Unity

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Working on Porting and Creating Ultima Online in Unity

#9 - UO Playgrouind

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Great shard with something for everyone. Mature Friendly Staff, PVP, PVM, crafting and soooo much more. Events often. Come join the fun. Now Hiring

#10 - UO DraconianRun

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Draconian Run is a [ML/SE/SA/HS] USA shard with lots of custom content. 700 skill caps that can be raised, 225 Stat Cap, Items can take stats/skills well beyond characters maxes, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items/Quests, Custom crafting, New...

#11 - New Core Silkroad

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Core is 80cap low-rate based Server with great community,

#12 - True RO

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Join and experience the true Ragnarok experience All renewal features: Rebellion Class, 3rd classes and skills, latest towns, dungeons, NPC 20x/20x/5x ratesCustom Features: MVP Spawn time decreased by half, Weekly GM Event, Vote for Cash Shop Items,...

#13 - Devastation

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Xtreme PvP Server running 151 New Horizons - 40,000x EXP - Completely Free Item mall gold - Community Driven Server - Latest Server Files - Over 5 years of PW hosting - Unique Custom Fashion+Flights+Mounts - Over 130,000 Accounts - Active staff and...

#14 - Rebirth UO

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Login: port: 2593 This is an OSI style server. We try to keep it to OSI as much as possible. We are just out development and are looking for a strong player base.

#15 - Areek

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Ultima Online Shard

#16 - Epiccraft

Votes: 2 VOTE
  • HUGE 24/7 Dedicated World Server hosts 400 slots and over 10,000 members Mcmmo-Falsebook-Hats-Kivi-SMP-PvP-Tons of extras MOREIP: sepi-craft TRAILER:

#17 - Olympic 223

Votes: 2 VOTE
  • RF Online, Rising Force Online, RFO. Download and Play the Ultimate Fantasy Sci-fi 3D Online MMORPG for Free. Explore the NOVUS Galaxy. Master Might, Magic, and Mech and Become Leader of Your Race.

#18 - RF Reaver

Votes: 2 VOTE
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#19 - Aura Minecraft

Votes: 2 VOTE
  • [ IP: play_AuraMinecraft_com ][ Most feature-rich Anti-grief Protection ][ Vote for Reward ][ No Lag ][ McMMo ][ Economy ][ Chest Shops ][ Hunt Monsters ][ Chest Hunt ][ Hats ][ Mob Catcher ][ Mob Disguise ][ Marriage System ][ Mob Arena ] [ Spleef ] [...

#20 - WOW Circle

Votes: 2 VOTE
  • Biggest WoW private server 50 000 ppl online on 20 realms Support TBC Wotlk and Cataclysm clients

#21 - Legends Never Die

Votes: 2 VOTE
  • Best MMORPG Based on Zodiac Pets and Awesome Gear PVP and Balanced Zen Market and Non Donator Market

#22 - Core Games

Votes: 2 VOTE
  • Core-Games presents you a gaming network with all latest updates, Choose between 3 servers - PVE or PVP INSTANT 200Lv server, 3-bar skillbar, DK-Square, Colosseum, Expeditions and more Try Dekaron like never before [DRAGON KNIGHT IN ALL 3 SERVERS]

#23 - Paradise Found

Votes: 5 VOTE
  • Ultima Online

#24 - Akara Essex Ultima Online Free Shard

Votes: 3 VOTE
  • Ultima Online Free server

#25 - Redemption Of EG Arena

Votes: 2 VOTE